We started with a ladle... and a dream.

I'm Inspired

Just kidding. It actually started with


We felt dissatisfied and disconnected in how we related to our friends, our community, our world, and even ourselves.

We started


what community could like in our time and place

Our interactions with others often felt rushed, shallow, and performative. How could we slow down and build relationships of depth and honesty?

We began by opening up our home once a week for friends and anyone else to come for a meal and conversation...

And we needed a meal that could feed as many mouths as possible without breaking the bank...

So, we started making soup!

The people who came to our house each week to reimagine community kept raving about it. "People would buy this soup!" our friend Stanley said. We liked that idea, but we didn't just want to sell soup and make some money, we wanted

to make soup to share and build community!

Coop's Soups is a social enterprise looking to be in right relationship with:


To love others we must love ourselves. We seek to run the business in a way that is sustainable for our own flourishing and relate to others in a way that they can also flourish.

Our Community

The soup is made to share. Use it as a tool for meaningful storytelling and connection while nourishing your body.

The Planet

Like we can be estranged from people, we can be estranged from our land. Coop's Soups sources from local farmers and small food businesses to relate to and care for where we live.

The Divine

We view the practices of sharing, preparing, and growing food as encounters with the Divine presence. In being present with our food and with others, we open ourselves up to an intimacy with God's love.